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12-28-2003, 12:02 PM
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As I pointed out that Flames are excatly raking up goals, their offense could use help and Kaberle is a younger player that can do that, hes also a leader (he wears an A in Toronto, which says something) can could be that leader on the Flames blueline for years to come (and he would easy be the top offensive D-man on the Flames, as of last year, but over 20 points). As for the offense, as I told you if you add Steen to the Flames other young fowards and prospects they'd be setting themselves up for their future (which is what they need), they have a lot of good young fowards who can score, adding a 19 year old playmaking center with top line potential is only going to help that team.

[QUOTE=flamesfan12]So let me get this straight. We should trade our best player, our captain and our heart and soul for prospects because we won't get far in the playoffs? Please give me a break. If Iginla is going anywhere we are going to need players that can play now and not prospects.QUOTE]

I've said the same with the Leafs, given the situatin of the NHL right now if a team isn't in a positio nto make serious run at the cup NOW (and the Flames aren't, they most likely won't make it to second round if htey do make the playoffs) they should be looking to the future, which is looking very good for the Flames. Those players the Flames have that are the future of that team are at least 3-5 years away from hitting their primes and carrying the team, by that time Igilna will be in his early 30's (at the end of or just past his prime), not the most valuable thing for a team (at least not at Igilnas salary).

I understand feeling passionate about a team and not wanting to see a star player go, but look at the team and the situation they are in, a young team who won't win now getting good prospects (along with possibly a 25 year old, top 10 offensive D-man, a 23 year old powerfowar and/or a top draft pick) who is good enough to be in the NHL now for a 26 year old player is a good hockey decision. No Toronot fan wanted to Clark go, but the situation demaned that trade take place, and it was the right choice. You want to see a (as of right now away) laterial trade being made (ie - a player of equel ability to Igilna coming back), that won't happen. Why would the Flyers take on Igilnas salary when they can keep Gagne? If he gets moved (and I've been saying for 2 years its only a matter of time he is moved) this year it won't be for "proven" NHLers because theres no reason for the other team to make that deal, prospects and draft picks are what the deal will be based around.

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