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The few comments I saw suggesting Trottier was the only Lambton player "deserving" of a pick I, personally don't think is fair. Especially to the kids that will read that right after the draft. Brenden was very deserving of a pick. But that doesn't mean that any of his 18 teammates didn't deserve it as well.

I saw that team a lot I think there is a few talented players on this team, and a few others on this team that would be excellent role players. We only ranked two Lambton players in the top 200, but that doesn't mean that I don't believe there are a few other kids on that team that could do something in hockey. There are some good hard working kids on that team, and I hope they show what they can do over the next 5 years they're eligible to play junior hockey.

Moving on to Sarnia's draft. This is the best draft in my opinion I've seen from the Sting since I started this job.

Korestelev has one of if not the best shot in the draft. He just needs to be a little more consistent with his work ethic.

Noah Bushnell.. think Matt Martin. He's big, he hits and will drop the gloves. He's pretty good around the net.

Connor Schlichting he's a big D who does everything well and didn't make many mistakes. He's big and he'll hit, just don't expect him to drop the gloves.

Justin Fazio.. I have no idea if there is a Ciccarelli connection as some are suggesting, this kid is vastly underrated. He was easily right there with the best goaltenders in this draft. We had him 3rd amongst our goaltenders ranked at #56 and he went #69 so technically we had him higher than he was picked. I really have no idea why he didn't get the same amount of credit as the others, so I'm giving him the credit now. However I do remember Brendan Ross who posts here also spoke highly of him at the OHL Cup when I talked to him, so I know it's not just us lol.

Nick Boka.. It's the same kinda pick as Josh Jacobs was. 1st round talent, not expected to commit so he dropped..

Andrew Peski.. I know there's speculation about his situation. I've been informed NCAA is his choice, which makes sense because he would have been gone in the first 25 picks or so. One of the most well rounded defensemen in the draft. If he ever changes his mind he could go down as the biggest steal of this draft.

Alex Black.. pushing six feet tall, but he isn't afraid of anyone, he will battle with whoever gets in his way. I wouldn't be surprised if he sees some action next year. Depends on a lot of things of course.

Some potential in their later picks, but all in all this was a great draft for Sarnia. They drafted from a "middle of the pack" position, but were definitely above average with their selections.

Paul Owen from The Observer posted this on Twitter on draft day.

This fight has been a bit of a buzz among scouts this year. Funny how both landed on the same team.

Sarnia's 2nd round pick 6'2" 200lb. Noah Bushnell vs. 6th round pick 5'11.75" 167lb Alex Black

Bushnell is #5 in Navy Blue, Black is #44 in White.

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