Thread: Proposal: Mtl - Flyers at Draft
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04-08-2013, 07:36 AM
doc lafleur
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Originally Posted by Devonator View Post
How do you know Couts won't land us a first rate young d man? What nonsense! If Couts continues to develope into a potential star, yes he could get us a first rate d man....Granted he may not...but the potential is there! It is no accident that a myriad of teams have asked the Flyers about him....your being a homer plain and simple!
How do you know Beaulieu and Leblanc and the 32nd or so pick in 2013 won't land us Crosby ? What nonsense ! If they continue to developer into super stars, yes they could land us Crosby... Maybe they won't... But the potential is there ! It's no accident all my friends have said, lot's of team asking about those guy's+ the pick that could turn into another Super star. Cout 12 points, 3goals, 9 ass, -12.

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