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04-08-2013, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
What facts are being warped? LOL. Really? I've asked you two times to respond to my post in this thread, #50. You still haven't given me an answer. We all agree that he's a very talented player. So why hasn't he been able to find any consistent success? Why do other highly skilled players of his ilk generally fail to live up to expectations? What is the number one factor in those kinds of situations?

Has he had the opportunity to play with a superstar player in his career? Yes. Has he played for one of the best coaches in the league? Yes. Has he ever put up a consistent season in his career? No.

People in this thread talk about the lack of a supporting cast in Columbus. Guess what? Brassard WAS the lack of a supporting cast. He was the guy who wasn't getting the job done. He was the reason Rick Nash never had any help. Him, and the other highly touted prospects that didn't pan out for the Blue Jackets. Someone mentioned that the Blue Jackets weren't very good at developing young players, and maybe that is true. But isn't it also possible that they just weren't very good at evaluating young players to begin with? Glance at their draft history. The thought that strikes me more isn't "wow, I can't believe they didn't get anything out of this guy," but rather, "I can't believe this is the guy they picked with this selection."

Did Zherdev and Filatov go on to be successful in other situations after they got out of Columbus? Alex Picard? Gilbert Brule? The only first round picks in this franchise's history that ever amounted to anything (so far, as I'm sure Murray and maybe Johansen will join this list) were Nash and Voracek, who is the only guy to not live up to expectations while in Columbus and then turn it around after leaving (which nearly all of their first round picks did). Ken Hitchcock, too, seems to have done a great job with plenty of young players during his career, as tough a personality as he is. Why not Brassard?

I watched the kid play enough times in Columbus to see that sometimes he looks like a superstar, and other times he leaves you scratching your head. His decisions in the offensive zone sometimes are brilliant and indicate great vision. Other times, they display an alarming lack of appreciation for the importance of puck possession and patience in developing high quality scoring chances. I'm glad he's shown a lot more of the former than the latter in 3 games here with the Rangers, but I'm going to wait just a tad longer before I declare that all 7 years of his NHL career have been an aberration.
To be completely fair about Brassard though and not group him in with other Columbus draft errors, this kid was very highly touted by Central Scouting. He was ranked right before the draft Erik Johnson, John Toews, and Jordan Staal. He was ranked above guys like Okposo, Kessel, Mueller, Little, Stewart, and Giroux. This was not a reach pick, whereas I would argue many of CBJ's other first round picks were.

They obviously have had VERY little success with the Russians between Filatov, Zherdev, and more. I think the teams international scouting is probably lacking at this point and that is honestly how many of the bigger organizations like the Rangers and Detroit manage to get late round steals internationally like Lundqvist, Fasth, Hagelin, Anisimov, and more. Its why every time the Rangers take a Swedish junior A kid in the sixth round I get excited.

But this was North America, Canadian Juniors. Everybody wanted a kid as talented as Brassard in that draft and he would not have dropped more than a pick or two below where they took him. The problem was that his frame was not NHL ready and they rushed him. I don't know if his frame is still a bit of an issue or not, but the Rangers organization will make sure to get that addressed if so. That is CBJ's biggest problem is rushing kids in and destroying their confidence and bodies by having them play too early. I have no doubt that NYR can turn a kid with this kind of talent into at least a successful second liner. I am excited about his future. I will always miss Gabby, he was one of my favorites, but he clearly had to go, he was no longer responding to coaching and was not happy here.

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