Thread: Confirmed with Link: Bouwmeester for Cundari, Berra, protected 1st
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04-08-2013, 09:48 AM
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Well I'm glad now that some of you have actually seen Bouwmeester in action, instead of just jumping on the he's a cream puff boat and talking smack about an excellent player that you haven't actually given a chance because you haven't watched him quite as closely as you said you had, that the vast majority has decided hey wait this guy is pretty good. Mabe we shouldn't listen to disgruntled haters that teams overspent on an excellent player that didn't have the team to back him up?

As I stated earlier in the thread Bouwmeester is not a cream puff!!! He isn't Scott Stevens either but who cares? He does look a lot like what Eric Johnson was always trying to be but could never quite get to. I think part of Bouwmeesters problem with people is he does stuff and makes it look pretty effortless. He's big, has great skating stride, uses his stick very effectively and his body as well. Plus he is smart, he usually takes the smart play, which our team needs pretty badly. Some of his stuff goes unseen because he makes the simple smart play and isn't really flashy, other than his skating which I think anybody could notice. He is really a thinking player if you watch him that has fast reactions and the ability to make quick decisions that other players couldn't make.

Also just curious, who was the guy wearing 19 in the third period against the wings yesterday banging bodies like an energy guy and punishing the teams top players until they couldn't get to the front of our net?? Oh yeah it was that huge cream puff Jay Bo! Lol, told you guys he wasn't a cream puff. You guys need to get Mike Peca out of your heads and look at what a guy actually does with what he's given. Jay Bo is going to be a huge success here because he isn't the cream puff everybody says he is. A coach won't play a guy like 700 times in a row literally if he is soft and not affective and coaches definetly won't play that guy against other teams best players religiously. So get ready for the ride boys because this team got a lot better with him and Leopold.

I'm pretty excited about our chances with this defense. It is one of the better if not the best defense in the NHL, I think it is the best two way defense without a doubt and possibly the best transition defense also. Really its not to bad in a shut down role either. Probably the most versatile defense in the league.

I'm going to start calling him Jay Bo the Destroyer lol. That game against the wings was like a playoff game, he shined bright in that third period. He wasn't going to take it from anybody. This is the best team he's ever been on, and I can tell from his play he is excited to be on the team. I'm excited as a fan about this team.

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