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04-08-2013, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by TheNeutrality View Post
As you said, the goaltending (Berra was outstanding!) and the defense looked pretty good, but the offense was rather "meh". Not bad by any means, but there sure is still a lot of room for improvement.

The guys you named should improve that tremendously. But what really bugs me is that Sprunger, Wick and Moser can't be used. They would have been a major addition, imo.

This is what I think is going to happen, too. Brunner had a tough season, so it wouldn't be a major surprise.

At the moment we are looking at this (correct me if I'm wrong or I forgot someone):
((likely), (unlikely) and (very unlikely) only mark the possibility that they can/want to play for the National Team, not if they will/should be added)

In camp:
Matthias Bieber, Simon Bodenmann, Dario Bürgler, Luca Cunti, Denis Hollenstein, Thibaut Monnet, Emanuel Peter, Thomas Rüfenacht, Gregory Sciaroni, Juraj Simek, Victor Stancescu, Reto Suri, Morris Trachsler, Julian Walker

Possible additions:
Sven Bärtschi (likely)
Nino Niederreiter (likely)
Damien Brunner (unlikely)
Andres Ambühl (likely)
Kevin Romy (likely)
Martin Plüss (likely)
Ivo Rüthemann (likely)
Joël Vermin (likely)
Andrey Bykov (likely)
Sandy Jeannin (likely)

In camp:
Alessandro Chiesa, Eric Blum, Robin Grossmann, Timo Helbling, Tim Ramholt, Dominik Schlumpf, Julien Vauclair, Patrick von Gunten

Possible additions:
Roman Josi (likely)
Mark Streit (unlikely)
Raphael Diaz (unlikely)
Yannick Weber (likely)
Luca Sbisa (very unlikely)
Mathias Seger (likely)
Severin Blindenbacher (likely)

In camp:
Reto Berra, Martin Gerber, Tobias Stephan

Possible additions:
None (Possibly Hiller, but the probability is very, very, VERY low)

Lines (just a wild guess, I'm terribad at that):

Best case
Sven Bärtschi - Andrey Bykov - Damien Brunner
Nino Niederreiter - Luca Cunti - Dario Bürgler
Ivo Rüthemann - Martin Plüss - Joël Vermin
Joël Vermin - Kevin Romy - Andres Ambühl

Mark Streit - Roman Josi
Raphael Diaz - Luca Sbisa
Mathias Seger - (I have literally no idea, too many options)
(I have literally no idea, too many options)

Reto Berra
Martin Gerber
Tobias Stephan

Realistic case
Sven Bärtschi - Andrey Bykov - Dario Bürgler
Ivo Rüthemann - Martin Plüss - Nino Niederreiter
Andres Ambühl - Luca Cunti - Joël Vermin
Joël Vermin - Kevin Romy - Gregory Sciaroni

Mathias Seger - Roman Josi
Eric Blum - Alessandro Chiesa
Patrick von Gunten - Dominik Schlumpf (positively surprised with him)
Robin Grossmann

Reto Berra
Martin Gerber
Tobias Stephan

Streit already said he won't come to Stockholm. On the other hand, you forgot Furrer.

I think that out of the current defensemen, Von Gunten, Vauclair and Grossman will make the team. If Seger, Blindenbacher, Furrer and Josi all join the team, that would be an ok defense.

On offense, I expect Romy, Ambühl and Plüss to be the centers, with one of Trachsler, Bieber or Walker getting the job on the fourth line. Wingers are trickier with Wick and Brunner out, I guess Rüthemann is a likely possibility on Plüss' line, Bärtschi and Niederreiter should get spots too, and Monnet should get an offensive role.

Are you sure Moser declined already? I don't remember reading anything about it. Anyway, he doesn't seem as good as last season, I'm afraid he hasn't fully recovered from his injury (I know it's just a limited sample, but I attended the Lausanne-Langnau game last Saturday and he was very disappointing).

Maybe we can have something like this:

Bärtschi - Romy - Hollenstein
Bürgler - Ambühl - Monnet
Niederreiter - Plüss - Rüthemann
Vermin - Trachsler - Walker

It wouldn't be so bad, but Wick and Brunner are huge losses.

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