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12-28-2003, 01:43 PM
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[QUOTE=sluggo]Regehr ,Lepold ,Warrener ,Gauthier ,Lydman ,Farrance and Phenauf on his way.

Not one of them has the offensive ability that Kaberle does (40+ points every yearin the NHL except his first and the shortened year, where he had 39) and offensive from the Blueline is a HUGE need of the flames.

Steen- at this point this kid doesnt have much value then Nystrom ,Kobasew ,Lombardi or Phenauf. He did nothing to prove him self as a sure NHLer.

Please learn a bit about a player for commenting on him - hes 19 and playing on a #1 line, #1 PK and #1 PP unit in the SEL, hes the captain of the Sweden WJC team and would have made teh NHL this year except for his contract in Sweden. Also given Igilnas contract and lack of productin since getting that contract (35 goals las tyear and on track for 27 this year) Steen + a pick and/or some like Kaebrke.Antropov or another prospect is not out of hte question in terms of value.

One more point : I believe that there is way more teams that could have interest in IGINLA ,and they HAVE assets that TORONTO doesnt
Philly( Williams ,gagne ,Comrie ,Handzus)
NJD ( Friesen ,Gomez ,Gionta)
Detroit ( Zetterberg,Datsyuk)
Tampa ( Vince ,Fedotenko ,Richards)
or even Chicago ( Bell ,Arnasn ,Calder)

Why would ANY one of those teams move a cheaper player for a more expensive one and not get that much more (if anymore) productin for the money (Flyers, Devils, Wings), Datsyuk for Igilna? Please, the Wings would NEVER, EVER make that deal. The Hawks and Tampa are in the same boat as the Flames and won't take on a 7 million dollar player. If/When (and its more when) Igilna gets moved it will be for prospects/picks.[/QUOTE]

Flames cant afford this move from Marketing point of view. They would loose many season ticket holders.
I believe that Flames will let Conroy 2.2 and McAmmond 1.5mln go as UFA ,and keep Iginla in town at 7mln. Keep in mind that warenka and Buzek will be gone by next june ,so its another 2mln to work with. Iginla wont be traded for prospect ,Calgary cant afford this move.

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