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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
Actually I was commenting on their NHL performances thus far this season. Cervenka may have been one of the best Europeans playing in Europe, but that hardly made him the best player outside of the NHL.

Red herring.....NHL performance was never part of this thread. But even if it was, you contradict yourself.
How can NHL cast-off Dallman be "significantly better" than NHL regulars Brunner, Cervenka, etc? You can't have it both ways.

Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
I love this one too. After only 12 games (really only for conditioning) in the KHL you made this assessment of Kane, yet we are 40 games into the NHL season and you are saying it is to early for us to assess the new players from Europe.

I'm correct.

Cervenka has the diversified skillset to adapt to an NHL top 6 role. How well he adapts has yet to be determined.
Kane simply did not have the skill-set to adapt....or at least not without changing the fundamental basis of his game. It would be the equivalent of Winnipeg signing Danis Zaripov for a checking role. Sometimes it's painfully obvious things won't work out no matter how much time you give a player.

Mr Kanadensisk, we know these things by watching players......not by stat counting.

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