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04-08-2013, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Squantosawuss View Post
K-Sly was in rare homer form today. He was belittling a caller who said he'd rather have losses leading to a #1 pick than pointlessly squeaking into 8th place for a futile attempt at a playoff run.

K-Sly insisted that "no way" the Sabres finish behind Colorado, Calgary and Florida, because those teams are "really bad". Huh? I guess a homer always needs someone to look down on, but in case K-Sly hasn't noticed, the Sabres are about as bad as it gets. Of course he doesn't take games-in-hand into account either in his latest keen assessment. He also thinks you still have a shot at the top picks even finishing 9th. Again, the "odds" concept escapes him.

I wanted to punch my radio when I heard Petey throw the "Look at L.A." exclamation out there in explaining how "anything can happen" when you land in 8th. UGH! They just don't get it. Gee, landing a key player to build a Cup team around vs. middling. Hmmmm. I gotta think about which I'd prefer. I almost wish L.A. didn't win, just because now, every fan who failed math/statistics will be a-ok with middling...because anything can happen!
The guy very obviously makes you angry, yet you seem to tune in every day. Why?

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