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04-08-2013, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by jml87 View Post
The big issue here is that this team can no longer have a manager who doesn't know the strategy. Before the Phillies could outhit their opponent or outpitch the opponent. Now they need to be smart to win games. Years ago Manuel could plug in any lineup and they would score. In 2008, he called on any bullpen arm and they would get outs. He can't do that anymore and he is being exposed badly by better gameday managers.

I could handle the dumb decisions before cause they really weren't hurting the team. However, I honestly think it's gotten worse with extreme loyalty to veteran guys and misuse of the young guys. Whether you like Brown or not, he is the best young bat on the roster. The Phillies need him to be good. But over the past two games Manuel has blamed him for a loss and he's benched him halfway though the game. He is so blantantly biased and it is unacceptable. Going to his buddy Durbin for the third game straight in a high pressure situation is unacceptable. Putting a guy in right field who's never played there before is unacceptable.

He is actively losing games for this team because of decisions a five year old knows are wrong. This team is better than this.
I agree. He lost them games last year as well. His refusal to let young players play is incredibly annoying. I feel like this is something new, but maybe I'm just not remembering correctly. I know Utley wasn't yet Utley when Manuel got here, and Howard was still in the minors. Maybe it was due to management moving the players blocking them?

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