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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
KHL salaries are a bit misleading. First of all they aren't published so no one knows exactly what they are. Secondly because of the perceived playing and living conditions in Russia most KHL teams would have to vastly overpay to get North Americans to play over there. Thirdly the goal of most players is to reach the NHL and because of that they will stay in the AHL as long as they think they have a shot.

The vast majority of the players in the European leagues are European, yet Europeans only represent approximately 30% of the world's hockey players. If the leagues in Europe had a similar depth you would expect to see around 70% of the players being from NA, which they are still far from. I'm sorry but there just aren't enough Russians playing the game to give the KHL the same average depth as the AHL, the numbers don't lie.
Cherry picked numbers ≠ reality.

Can you find tons of quotes from players/coaches saying the AHL is the 2nd best league? I can with the KHL. Your opinion not only contradicts common sense it contradicts the opinions of players/coaches who've experienced the competition first hand.

Edited: Try this out. It's more precise than counting IIHF registered players. It was done a few years ago though.

League Difficulty Relative to NHL
Russian Elite League 0.83
Swedish Elite League 0.78
Czech Republic League 0.74
Finland SM-Liiga 0.54
Deutsche Eishockey League 0.52
American Hockey League 0.44

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