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Originally Posted by Cullksinikers View Post
If I don't go, I hope that's understandable. It's all about taking the plunge, but it would be a strange one to take at first.
Hell yeah, that's the exciting part. We're probably all thinking the same thing, just gotta dive in.

Originally Posted by Cullksinikers View Post
It'd be a lot more comforting if people were like, "Hey, I'm Rick Johnson. I'm 23 and here's what I look like."
Yeah, I'm not opposed to that. I think it is probably a good idea to ease the nerves of some people. We can do that in this thread. I have to admit though, there is some excitement to just seeing who comes to the door, haha.

Originally Posted by Cullksinikers View Post
I want to go, but I guess I should be asking CS how he can ensure this won't be a stupid event with a bunch of odd people. I'm sure most people on here are great people in person.
I actually went to something like this many years ago and it was the oddest, weirdest group of people ever. We met at the guys house for awhile and then all went to the game. Needless to say, it was awkward and I kind of had my own fun. The host provided absolutely nothing and was terrible at coordinating it. It was also extremely clicky. It was a joke and the guy who "planned" it out was an even bigger joke and a cheapskate. I would never want anyone else to have that kind of experience and if I see someone sitting to outside bored, I'll make it a point to make sure they are having a good time. All I can promise you, is that you are in the best hands with me and will definitely have a great time. I don't **** around.

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