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04-08-2013, 02:33 PM
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I'm a big fan of Manhunter and I have read Red Dragon. I'm not a big fan of the Red Dragon film adaptation of 2002.

That said I think that the Hannibal pilot was entertaining enough to satisfy me. The Metacritic score of 68/100 sounds about right. So far, anyway. It takes time for a TV series to really gel, so I expect things will improve as time goes on.

This is really Will Graham's story, as it was in the book, and it does him a bit of a disservice to name the show Hannibal. I know that the Lecter character has become far, far more memorable to the general TV and movie-watching audience, so it's a concession I'm willing to live with.

I think Hugh Dancy does an admirable job as Graham, although I'm not sure if I like the characterization so far. The Graham of the book and of Manhunter was much more intense. I got the feeling he was only a few steps away from becoming a serial killer himself, whereas Dancy's Graham is, as he said, "closer to the Asperger's/austism end of the spectrum". He reminds me more of the character of 'Spencer Reid' from Criminal Minds than the Graham I know. The Will Graham here seems fearful, whereas the Will Graham of the book and of Manhunter was fearsome; he was creepy and off-putting whereas Dancy's Graham is very meek and, so far, very much a 'fraidy-cat. I look forward to finding out what they do with the character.

I'm a little scared of what they end up doing with the pacing of the show. I figured they'd do it such that one season = one case, like The Wire was. I didn't expect them to catch Garrett Jacob Hobbs so early, and I'm not sure if the show will be better for it. I think the show will fall apart if it's "serial-killer-of-the-week" la Criminal Minds. I think it needs to be about the main characters more than about the killer(s).

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