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04-08-2013, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by OrrOverGretzky View Post
Its not that I don't want to take the time too, but to do one properly would require spending enough time watching all the players involved and I just don't do that. There's a definite (I wouldn't say biased but for lack of a better term) OHL bias for all the time I spend at those games.

I try and stay away from consensus rankings as well. For example, last one was in 2011 with 11 other people. We got to number 10 and I voted Brandon Saad. Kept getting outvoted from that 10 spot all the way into the 50's where most finally agreed. If memory serves me, Saad went early 40's so they were probably right, at least in comparisson to the actual draft.

But, would you take Saad top 15 in a re-do of that draft today? Still to early to tell but based on what we've see so far - probably
Thanks Dom.

Any comment on the Nurse/Monaghan?... Do you personally put Monaghan ahead of Nurse or was that just the general OHL writers concenus?

Asking because now Craig Button has Nurse ahead of Monaghan as well, mind you I don't always agree with Mr. Button (find he is out to lunch most of the time) but it does relate to the trend I mentioned earlier of other mock drafts/people slotting Nurse ahead of Monaghan and just curious your thoughts on that or those 2 players in general (if possible)


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