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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Sauer isn't even around the team. When the Rangers season ended last May,Torts made a comment about seeing Sauer the morning of break up day. That is the last time Sauer was around the team. The media asked Torts about Sauer and John said Sauer isn't even in the conversation.
Had no idea Hankinson was Sauer's agent. I've had some (and I mean SOME) e-mail correspondence with him recently, back when McDonagh was hurt. Had I known, I would have asked about Sauer!

Perhaps his silence on the matter could have been even more telling than his words.

Katie Strang is about to have a live chat, I'm going to ask her about Sauer. Assume that we're going to get the "who the **** knows response"

Katie,Thanks for the chat. I know the situations are quite different, but it concerns me that the Rangers never mention Mike Sauer anymore and his isolation from the team seems almost Boogaard-like (RIP). I know management feels differently, but I believe the fans deserve to have, at least some, status updates on their favorite players. So, any new news on Sauer? Or is it safe to just continue assuming the worst regarding his future playing career?Thanks again.
Adam- Understand both your concern and frustration. Both legitimate. Have heard nothing encouraging on Sauer front, which leads me to believe that his playing career is very much in question. Obviously, if that is true, would be pretty heart-breaking for such a talented player with so many years in front of him. Will try to find out more this week....
Status quo...

At least I can say now that I've "talked" to Katie Strang

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