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04-08-2013, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by periferal View Post
So are you saying you like Reinhart or think he's overrated?
With the comments I made above I am not saying either. Just trying to make the point not to rely too much on internet scouting reports that are often outdated and recycled by writers that don't do not get to see the player much, if at all.

My thoughts on Reinhart are as follows: Improvement on his speed/skating will unlock his full potential. I am not saying he has to skate like Paul Coffey or even Jay Bouwmester. But he needs to improve, even with excellent positioning and great instincts and long reach his slow feet allow players to get around him at times in certain situations and that's in the WHL. He could get eaten alive in the NHL without the necessary improvements.

He is still 19, I feel like he will make those improvements. Perhaps a bit behind schedule in my book, as I thought he would make some strides in that area this season and perhaps challenge for a spot out of camp next season. I don't think that's an option at this point unless he has the off-season of all off-seasons. I see Reinhart back in the WHL next year and hopefully he improves the footwork. After that is anyone's guess, maybe Bridgeport, Maybe not. Next season will tell us a lot and where he goes from there.

Also on the positive side, he is a lot more physical than most give him credit for, and he's very strong especially for just 205 lbs. As he grows he should get stronger. SidneyTheKidney compared him to a young Marc Staal, and I think thats a good comparison to shoot for, but even the Staal isn't an extraordinary skater, Reinhart still needs to make up a lot of ground just to get to Staals level. I feel like Reinhart is just as smart as Staal and his shot is a lot harder and better than Staals at the same age. I feel like Reinhart really could be a meaner Alex Edler if everything goes right. But it is going to take time.

So I still do like what Reinhart can be, and think he will get there, just not as quickly as most thought/think.

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