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Originally Posted by gopreds19 View Post
Lots of responses about our remaining games being anything other than a tank job. Some said, "tanking is deliberately losing". Someone, anyone give me an example of a team doing that since the black sox scandal. They're pro athletes and coaches, they always play to win.

Tanking is when you deliberately reduce your chances of winning a game. It doesn't mean sitting a healthy weber for no reason. If fish could go if it were game 7, yet you choose to sit him, if Rinne would normally play every game the rest of the way, yet you sit him for 4-5 games down the stretch, if you give more ice time to less experienced players in order to give them experience, all of these things are done at the expense of putting yourself in a better position to win a game.

So to call resting vets, sitting players who could play if they had to, and letting rookies put up bigger minutes to get their feet wet anything other than tanking is disingenuous. It's ok to tank, people. Just accept it and you'll feel better.
Game 7 in any given post season series is much more important than a regular season game, especially if your team isn't fighting for a playoff position (either entirely out of it or entirely in it). Sitting a player who "could go if it were Game 7" isn't part of "tanking". If Trotz were to decide to rest Rinne I doubt anyone would question him. Rinne has been probably the most inconsistent starting goaltender in the league this season, and he has played the most games (GP 38/GS 37). Hell, it could be argued at this point that our netminder playing so much is part of our problem. Giving experience to young guys, at this point, is really the only option. Now, if we were sitting healthy players (i.e. Weber) only to replace them with call ups from Milwaukee who really aren't in the near-future plans of the organization I would agree that is purposefully putting yourself in a position to lose.

Tanking is purposefully losing to gain a better draft position, which really isn't a great idea unless you're very close to the bottom and can realistically get the #1 overall pick (though the lottery could **** that up for a team). It isn't the coach making roster decisions that fans disagree with and/or that allow the coaching staff and the hockey ops staff to see how close some of their prospects are to making the jump.

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