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NYR Top 10 Centers of All-Time (Gauging interest in potential project)

What I would like to do is gauge the interest of posters on this forum in doing a Franchise Top 10 of All-Time project for each position (C, LW, RW, D, G), starting with Centers. The HOH forum has done versions of this project that encompass both NHL and non-NHL players from all eras. It is incredibly educating and always churns out interesting discussion and debate about the history of the sport. If there is enough interest, I think we can do one for our beloved franchise. I would be happy to serve as admin for the project.

The way it typically works is like this:

Phase I: Preliminary Discussion
In this phase, any poster can participate in the discussion. Any former or current Rangers center may be discussed. The purpose of the thread is to nominate and discuss the merits of player XYZ being included in the top 10 of all-time. Simple comparisons between players are permitted, but more detailed comparisons will wait until Phase 3 (Round 2 of Voting).

Phase 2: Round 1 of Voting
In this phase, after preliminary discussion, participants will submit a list of 20 former or current Rangers centers, ranked 1-20. All eras must be considered. Points will be awarded to players based on ranking. For example, each time a player is ranked 1st, they get 20 points. 2nd gets 19 points, 20th gets 1 point. An aggregate list of 15 centers will be generated based on the 15 centers with the highest aggregate point total.

Phase 3: Round 2 of Voting
In this phase, the top 8 centers from the aggregate list will be presented in a thread. Detailed debate and discussion will be allowed for a certain number of days before participants submit a ranking of top 5 centers among those 8. The remaining 3 centers from the first thread along with the next highest ranked 5 centers from the aggregate list will be presented in a second thread, where the debate continues. After a certain number of days, participants submit their votes for spots 6-10 on the all-time list.

I am very open to other suggestions as well. Thoughts?

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