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04-08-2013, 04:56 PM
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I think the problem now with Bryz is his demeanor. I think the Flyers players look at him and think "oh no not again" and do not consider him a team guy. It makes everyone play at lower energy levels.

It would be interesting to get a Ron Hextall type who would swing a stick at a guy. Jeez, I remember when he crushed Chelios after Chelios took Propp's head off. He got major blowback from the league, but you knew he cared.

Sometimes I think it seems like Bryz doesn't care, one way or the other. He's got his money. He's a gun for hire and when those guys find out they are out gunned they usually head for the hills (Rashoman references notwithstanding).
Glad Hextall finally won a cup last year.

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