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04-08-2013, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by WTFetus View Post
Just thinking out loud here, but do the Sharks really need a #1/#2? Say they trade Boyle and leave Burns up front, what if they sign someone like Ian White?
It could totally be an off year, but all Boyle provides right now is a little bit more offense. He doesn't shut-down his competition, and he doesn't face top competition right now. Aside from eating 22+ minutes a night, he isn't really a top pairing defenseman anymore.
I don't think the subtraction of Boyle and the addition of White will hurt the breakout too much (White is very fast and has a good breakout). And I think if Demers was given #1 PP time, he'd be a good quarterback.

Vlasic - Demers
Stuart - White
Irwin - Braun

Doesn't look great, but with our defensive system, I think it could work. Again, it's not like Boyle is great defensively anyway (and Demers did well against top competition this year with Stuart). Of course, the D would look a whole lot better with Burns, but the forward core would look a lot worse.

For the record, I love Boyle and I'm only talking hypothetically here (like if the return was great, or if the Sharks really need the cap-space). Boyle could be aging, or it could be an off-year (personally or system-wise). The playoffs might paint a better picture since Boyle has always been a beast then.

If they trade Boyle and don't replace him with someone comparable then they'll have to move Burns back. Vlasic-Burns pair is a legit top pairing, and they will need at least one of those if they expect to remain competitive IMO.

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