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Originally Posted by Zrhutch View Post
I disagree. Our top 6 is very solid. The thing is that they need a good defense behind them. Having a D like our current one is terrible on a forwards psyche, as they think they have to get deeper in the zone to help out their defenseman. Also, if a scoring line is pinned down in the defensive zone due to inability to clear the puck, they'll usually be forced to dump and change to a lesser unit. That results in wasted ice time and less offensive zone time.
On the flip side, if you have a good defense that can get the puck out on a regular basis, you will see forwards stop going deep into the zone, therefore getting more of a jump on their attack. Also, you will see more offensive zone time for your scoring players. So basically, it's a couple simple equations-

Offense-defense= forwards staying back more often= less goals= greater chance of defeat

Offense+defense= forwards attacking quicker and with often occurrence= more goals= greater chance of victory

Of course, the only way this is relevant to Connauton is if he's good enough defensively to hold down bottom pairing duty and keep his assignments in check. If he isn't good enough to do that, than this whole discussion is moot regarding him.
I'm not really sure how you get to this conclusion now. Pre trades I would have agreed with you, but now that Roy and Jagr are gone without replacement the forward group has a huge hole at 2C. I'm not sold on Eakin to be that guy, and it is still too soon to expect Chiasson/Fraser/Smith to play a bona fide top 6 role at a solid NHL level. I think the current group has not fallen completely apart, partly because there is no more pressure to win, and that might fool some fans into forgetting that the Stars on paper have a bottom 3rd top 6.

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