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Originally Posted by SchultzSquared View Post
Well that is a given... in every draft year a later pick or two will make 100 before them look silly

You look at a kid (just an example) like Cory Babichuk from CAC... no one is going to give him a second look in the first few rounds because he is 5'4 115... however his pedigree is something else... was among the best in AA last year best defenseman for CAC in 2012... then he steps up to AAA and doesn't miss a beat... cracked North team at Alberta Cup too so that tells you he is an all-province talent... love his puck management skills and his containment game is of a player much bigger and older... third on that team in points to give you some idea of his offensive skills... he had the Benson assignment in the playoffs and did o.k. with it

We'll see if he grows or remains a squirt... but as you say these kids are so young that it is certainly possible... make this player 5'11 and he is a premier player at the next level... an easy top four defender on a WHL team... maybe even better than that

On the other hand teams will have more time for his teammate Bronson Littlechilds... he's 5'10 so that gets your eyes right away... and his first step is probably the best in the Alberta group... just mind blowing acceleration... however he has trouble creating plays... can finish them with good skill but he will skate himself into corners if he has to be the first up ice with it... just don't think he has that extra mental gear... also pays little attention to his end... scouts will see his size and speed and think there could be something there... me I think if he remakes his game he could be another Darren Helm... but if he tries to play his way in the WHL he will not even break camp
Cory Babichuk performed very well this year. His size is definitely going to hurt him come draft day. Not every scout is blind to these things you noticed though.

Littlechilds has a lot of red flags in my opinion. 15 goals in AA to 4 goals in AAA and a drop in points per game that is above the average of AA players jumping to AAA. Despite his size his offensive upside is not that high.

Babichuk's points per game also dropped at an above the average. However, on his AA team he was playing power play with Josh Harris (who jumped from Bantam AA directly to Major Midget AAA). Harris being such an outlier last year screws pretty badly with the stats in general. Team mate Dalton Middleton has the same situation.

Also, consider that CAC played a very strict defensive style which influences these things.

Likewise, note Clinton Veinot on Sherwood Park making a massive points jump moving from AA to AAA. However, this is likely caused by another outlier, Sam Steel. Veinot was playing with Steel while Biro and McKenzie were injured.

Speaking of CAC I think that Benjamin Gerbrandt, while not likely to be drafted, is a guy I would seriously consider keeping my eye on for the future or for Junior A.

Furthermore, I would add that there are several 1998 players within Alberta at the AA level that should get consideration for the draft, but will not.

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