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04-08-2013, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Yukon Cornelius View Post
Jay Feaster is the worst. I've got a Brother out in Calgary and he turned me on to Rhett Warrener's local radio show. His tirades against Tubby are legendary and frankly spot on.

The Flames are a mess from top to bottom. Say what you will about this season, Flyers fan can at least see the light ahead. Flames fans, on the other hand, are realistically looking at 3-5 years of rebuilding.
Yeah I know he's handcuffed by delusional owners but the guys still a moron. He gets little to no value in his trades, he reaches for players in the draft, he doesn't understand the CBA to well (see Ryan O'Reilly), and he has a some bad contracts on that team with a horrible prospect pool even the young players on the team aren't too exciting. He may have won a cup with Tampa but the guy has no clue how to run a team with a salary cap and parity in the league.

The owners are idiots too they should have blown this thing up a couple of years ago instead of being a mediocre aging team. I don't see that team being good for a while. I feel really bad for their fans.

Whenever there's a thread on the mainboards about him I'm shocked to see a couple of Flames fans defending him. If he was the GM here in Philly people would be melting down on here everyday and rightfully so.

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