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12-28-2003, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Habber
I've seen a lot of people now defend Audette's bad play because of the injury and I think it's crap.

Sure I feel sorry for the guy and wish it hadn't happenned, but it doesn't give him leeway to play like total crap. I can see how the injury will affect his shot, but I don't see how it affects his willingness to backcheck, go to the front of the net, or be a leader instead of a whiner on this team.

I don't think anyone here is personaly attacking Audette by saying they don't want him to play here, but face the facts. Injured or not injured, he doesn't have what it takes to play with the Habs right now, so he should be gone.
I agree. He isn't good enough to play for the habs, but people vent there anger at him for no reason. When he signed that contract he was healthy, before the injury he played well, and even during the playoffs he did well. People are angry at him cause he is getting paid for doing nothing, well if I was in his place, I would take that check, cause **** I ****ed up my hand for this team, least they can do. I am all for getting rid of him, he isn't good enough to play for our team, but he is still a human being, saying **** about how worthless he is, is just classless, and I think that you can just say I am glad hes gone, instead of going and saying he was worthless to the franchise and blah blah blah.

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