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12-28-2003, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Munchausen
Because he's a journalist! It's not his job to *ask* Bob Gainey to inquire about Lecavalier. Don't you get it? Information VS speculation? Journalism VS fanatism? It's ridiculous to have a sports journalist title his artice "Message to Bob". Pednault doesn't just "talk" about the Lecavalier situation, he *suggests* Gainey to look in that direction and try to acquire him. While this article is not the end of the world, it just goes to show how obsessed the media in this town (french or english) are about runing the show. Asking for a specific player, trying to run players out of town, elevating players to the god level (Theodore, Ribeiro), etc. is not the press' job. Their job is not to diggest the info and spit it out distorted and tinted with their own chauvinist biases, but to give the info AS IS (ie: quotes, comments, etc.) and let the fan's mind form HIS OWN opinion.

How often on these boards (or others) did you see someone say "it's time to trade Koivu because he's not a good captain" just because the media said so in a given article without any kind of proof or fact attached to it? Lots... Just speculation. "He looks like he's not happy"... "It seems he's not talking to x player enough"... etc. This is garbage journalism. While Pednault is far from the worst in this town, he just shows the preoccupations in the sports media world, which is to blatantly lead the viewer into beleiving x event is news & facts while it's nothing more than gossips & speculation.

edit: typo
i think that you missed the point that a journaliste is not a news reader.The news reader is there to report the facts as they are , without any kind of interpretation or without any personal comments .
But Pedneault is a commentator of hockey games and a sport editorialist .So he 's there to analyse the games , the markets , the trades, the play or whatever he want ;

he 's exactly like a political editorialists ; they report a situation and give their opinion about it ..exactly what pedneault was doing in the article you talk about .Rejean Tremblay is doing the same and so , a lot of reporters from french or english medias.

have a good chrismas time !

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