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04-08-2013, 07:20 PM
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So when we got life insurance we set up autopay.
Well, of course that didn't happen.
They have been sending all the late notices to Casey's parents' house and calling my parents to get a hold of us.
We didn't give them Casey's parents' address and we didn't give them my parents' phone numbers. They have our address AND phone number in our policy information...
Oh, also their website is effed up so when I went to make the late payment (which should have been auto a month ago) it's showing they charged me twice because it refreshed itself.

I'm livid. And of course they close at 6 central so I can't take care of all this until tomorrow.
How can they get every possible thing wrong?
What's also funny is that INSIDE the envelope they sent to his parents' house, they have our address. I don't get it.

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