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04-08-2013, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Louie the Blue View Post
Do you think part of the reason his play was inconsistent was due to the team he was on? Not trying to take a shot at the Flames, but there's a reason why they haven't been to the playoffs for a few seasons.
I watched a lot of Calgary games last year and in the around the league discussion thread from last season even at one point thought they might sneak into the playoffs the way they were playing. A lot of it was Kiprusoff. I'm not a huge fan of the "well his team sucked so he's absolved" excuse in general, and I can tell you specifically compared with Giordano last year, Giordano >> Bouwmeester. This year Hartley came in and changed the team structure to a run 'n' gun where Bouwmeester will obviously succeed more. Of course even Hartley publicly talked about his role being one of providing entertainment to fans in high-scoring games, not necessarily winning (a jaw-dropping admission by a coach). It's not that I'm oblivious to how Bouwmeester plays (I've seen him play many times), it's that I didn't think he answered the obstacle here. AND he was excessively paid AND he would become a cornerstone guy. I know people are pointing out that he could leave at the end of next year, but that's not how Hitchcock and Armstrong are talking. They want to build around him. So let's hope that the answer to a punishing forecheck is even more transition and that he doesn't get tagged with a lot of hits and wears down. The guy has never played a playoff game and it's a totally different game than he's used to playing. Yeah, he played in short Olympic tourneys but there is mostly an untested theory out there at this point.

Again, he's a Blue now so I badly want him to succeed.

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