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04-08-2013, 08:24 PM
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I play pick up with a bunch of guys around my area. And we hit everybody is okay with it, well most everybody. There are a few skill guys that speed is there main weapon. They'll throw the odd hit but most of the time they're dirty.

So last game i'm playing a puck along the boards and this one guy absolutely cremes me from behind. I go down like a sac of taters and he picks up the puck and continues the play. Couple guys that seen what happened came over to see if I was okay. I got up and went to he bench and shook the cob webs out.

So few shifts later i'm out again and buddy who hit me is out. The play is coming out of there zone and he's first one up the ice on his team. So I see the pass coming to him from pretty much behind him. So I line him up and I mean I absolutely creme him just as he receives the puck, picks his head up and boom. Perfectly clean shoulder to chest hit he was labelled I couldn't of hit him harder.

I skate away, don't chirp him or anything. He gets up and catches up with me, and spears me in the back with his stick. My D partner see's this and drops the gloves with the guy. I find it terrible how some guys will throw hits and not take em. I play physical like it's pretty much my only strength to my game so that's what I do. If I get hit clean i'll take it and not say nothing of it. I wish other guys could do the same.

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