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04-08-2013, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by DocWest View Post
Maybe an "If Only..." theme for all our detractors who tried to undermine every win?

If Only Pietranglo was playing...
If Only Kesler wasn't playing hurt...
If Only the Kings faced more opposition...
If Only the Refs Weren't Wearing Kings Uniforms...
If Only...

I would love it if we could sneak, "What Did You See??" at the end of all of that. I think it would combine quite well and ask for other ridiculous excuses as to why the Kings were able to trample everybody. It would make sense to other fans and be an inside joke for us.
What did you see?

No Petro.
No Kesler.
No Strong Opponents.
No Hot Goalie.

I'd love to troll everyone with their own stereotypes!

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