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Originally Posted by Clowe Me View Post
They never negotiated originally or let them have first right. They are remaining quiet because of the process, but once(if) the Seattle deal gets approved, you'll see the lawsuits against the Maloof's and the league.

Where is your proof? Do you have info on both offers and how they match up side by side?

BTW, Burkle is still involved with the downtown project. He was NEVER going to be an owner, he was going to own part of the new arena. That part is now being taken over by Ranadive and Jacobs.
Sacramento's group was being asked last Wednesday at least twice if they matched they did not answer the question.

Btw if they were going to ROFR they would have done it by now. They would have to come up with 341m with out it being debt and with out anyone else helping Good luck with that lawsuit cause it not going to help them. NBA has leverage there and will do anything to make it go away. If NBA approve sale to Hansen's group the kings are leaving Sacramento.

The only issue remaining that the BOG are still getting answers from what was mention last Wednesday is the the arena.

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