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04-09-2013, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by HoustonAerosFan View Post
Any word on availability in the US?

Last season the CFL started out on ESPN3, which my ISP blocks.
No they do not. ESPN3 blocks your ISP. See
Some ISPs have complained to the FCC that ESPN3 violates the principles of network neutrality. ESPN3 bundles its content into the fees of the participating ISP, regardless of whether or not users partake in accessing its content. If a particular ISP does not pay subscription fees to ESPN, users of that ISP are blocked from accessing ESPN3. There is no way for individual users to overcome these access restrictions as ESPN3 does not provide subscription options for individual users or any other non-ISP entities.
ESPN3 treats ISPs like cable systems. Either all subscribers get the service, and the ISP pays for it, or none of the ISP's subscribers. This is entirely different from NHL Gamecentre Live, where individuals can subscribe, regardless of ISP.

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