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04-09-2013, 12:45 AM
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Originally Posted by stardog View Post
Personally, still my favorite player ever. I'm thankful to have had him here and to have been fortunate enough to see him play at the igloo many times.

The best game I ever saw was game 6 against the Devils in 1999. Devils were heavily favored to win. Pittsburgh was an 8 seed, down 3-2 in the series. There were tons of rumors about the future of the franchise and if this would be the last game in Pittsburgh.
Jagr hadn't played the previous few games and it was said that he'd likely miss this one as well due to his chronic groin injury.
I recall the crowd right by where the players enter to the ice starting to cheer and I saw why when Jagr skated on to the ice.
The Pens were down by a goal with only a little over two minutes left and Jags tied it up. But it was over time whenStraka ducked a hit by Neidermeyer or Stevens and in doing so ended up on a two on one where he sent a pass to Jags who whipped it by Brodeur to force a game 7 (which the Pens won).

I'll never forget how electric the igloo was that day. I was eight rows back and that was just an awesome moment.

Yes, he has earned his reputation, but he is still, IMO, the greatest European NHLer ever and I'd personally welcome him back. I know that is the minority opinion, but Jagr will always be my personal favorite.
Agreed. For a team that was never supposed to go anywhere, they sure were a lot of fun to watch back then and I can't imagine what it could've been like without Jagr. He's the first player I was able to follow throughout his career and no matter with who or how, the day he retires will be tough to see. Is he a bit odd, you bet (his 92 SI quote about girls vs Cups is something I'll never forget!), but I wouldn't have traded him for anything back then and it'll be a shame if one day his 68 isn't up in the rafters.

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