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04-09-2013, 02:15 AM
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Originally Posted by usernamesteph View Post
Yea just like..."well he's 5'6 so there must be something wrong with him"
But a bad fore checker? Jeez...if someone thinks that...they must not be watching the games
The only aspect one can critiize since his return is his points, only 2 i 6 games. But this has a lot to do with inefficient teammates too. He is a playmaker, and his production depens a lot on the finishin of his teammates. He could easily have had a point/game with normal efficiency. But it is not bad luck that the Rangers recently were the least scoring team in the NHL. As of today they are in 24th place for GF, just 6 goals more than 30th.

He has a +3 in +/-

He has not been on the ice on one single goal against since his return
As far as I have seen, hasnīt he made one single mistake that have resultet in a turnover or other chances against.
His work along the boards have been very good. Yes heīs small, but somehow he ends up coming out with the puck after board battles a lot of times.
His job defensivly has been very good. His average ice time is close to 17 minutes. Minutes he would never have recieved from Tortorella if he was a "defensice liability".
And he forechecks. Seriously, those who mean otherwise must have been drinking.

I am not saying he is a Gretzky. Or a Crosby. The best player on the team. No, I have never said that. But he has made huge impact offensively for the team since he came back. He has great passing ability and great vision. His teammates praises his skills and his return.

I just get frustrated when people still talk about his size and that he is to small and weak for the NHL. And that he is a defensive liability. It is just not true.

He has grown tremendously since laste year. His skating, his speed, but most of all, and most important. His confidence. He actually confessed to this himself, that he no longer is afraid of making mistakes. Last year he said that he was worried about making mistakes and getting benched/sent down, that his effected his play.

Last year you often saw him get the puck in the neutral zone, and dump it in after a couple seconds. This year you actually se him handle the puck with great confidence, and goes around players, taking long passes across the ice you barely saw last time around (most likely because of the risk of turnovers).

I see a player that is growing into a solid top 6 NHL-player, but he needs minutes, and he need to keep his confidence. And he also needs to get more points.

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