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04-09-2013, 03:46 AM
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Jean-Sebastien Giguere rips Colorado Avalanche teammates in postgame tirade:
ďAs long as we donít understand that we have to play better in our zone, weíll never win any games. We have to do a better job in our own zone. Thatís where it starts. We have to learn this at some point.Ē
ďThe (allowing) the first goal is one part of it (problems), but I think it comes down to us not playing very well defensively. We spend too much time in our own zone, and thatís hard. Thatís where itís hard. We know we can score some goals, we have some offensive tools. But when you spend part of the second period in your zone and give up too many scoring chances, youíre not going to win games like that.

ďWe talk about it every day. At some point, we have to understand. Thereís no more excuses. Itís not about being young, itís not about Ö we have to put our head into the game.Ē
ďSome guys are more worried about their Vegas trip at the end of the season than playing the games, than playing every minute of the games. Quite frankly, I donít care about your Vegas trip right now.Ē
ďItís not constructive. We have to find a way to get out of this losing mentality, you know? It starts with me and the guy beside me and everyone has to do their part.Ē
ďItís embarrassing. Iím embarrassed to be here right now. Itís not even funny.Ē
ďI donít know what it is. Iíve been around for 15 years in this league and I donít know what it is. I donít know why we seem like we donít care at points. I donít know, I donít know we seem like, you know ó some guys are fighting to show that they belong in the NHL, some guys are fighting for contracts. And itís just embarrassing, the way we, you know, the energy we have in the room and the way we approach practices and the way we approach this game. Itís not how youíre going to win any games in this league. I mean, this is a team (Calgary) that we can beat if we set our minds to it, and every day is the same story. I donít know what to say. Iím beyond words right now.Ē

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