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04-09-2013, 02:52 AM
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I'm very skeptical of Tortorella leading this team to a championship. Obviously, I don't think much will happen this year. But, even looking towards next season-I see the same systemic problems night in night out(irregardless if the players are playing well or not).

Tonight, the Rangers(AGAIN)struggled mightily on the breakout/transition. Torts NEVER makes adjustments when the opposing team is stacking the wall in the D zone(which is the blueprint to beat the Rangers). Rangers were forcing plays all night along the board. Toronto was either outnumbering the Rangers along the wall or intercepting hard arounds on the far side blue line.

This has happened time and time and time again. We end up forcing so many plays along the wall in the D zone that the Rangers are exhausted from grinding by the time they get the play up ice. Toronto was giving the Rangers the middle of the ice on the transition. Yet, the blue shirts never utilized it at all(to a man).

We also do nonsensical stuff like stretch pass tip ins which just willingly gives up the puck to the opposing team.

There is also significant issues with overusing the collapsing zone defense; plus an offensive zone scheme with too much wall support down low. But, those are not the main issues with our teams struggles. The transition/breakout is.

This was a problem in '11. It was a problem in '12. It is still a problem in '13. If Torts continues on forcing his nonsensical transition game(which was a BIG reason he was axed from Tampa): the Rangers will NEVER win a cup with him at the helm.

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