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04-09-2013, 03:45 AM
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Trade him or demote him to 3rd pairing when Staal is back. I don't care if he manages to have good games, he's such a dumb player who cannot be trusted, with or without the puck. He's an unpinned grenade waiting to explode. He doesn't even know hockey fundamentals for crying out loud. His decision making making on the first goal last night would've made a junior defenseman feel embarrassed. When he is left on his own to let his dice brain make a decision, I don't like the odds.

And it's not like his supposed "offensive game" makes up for his crap decision making in all three zones. He's not a good pincher (you need hockey smarts for that) and this is what I found when I searched for "Michael Del Zotto pointman shot" on the web:

If we want to continue being a mediocre team, keep Del Zaster as a top 4 D-man. If we want to become a successful team with any reminiscence of consistency, trade him or demote him to 3rd pairing. I'm sure he has alot more value on the market than his actual hockey skills. I'm sure he can teach himself to get the brains to become a smart defenseman, but that's when Lundqvist has retired.

He can perhaps be used as a #5/#6 D-man playing sheltered minutes, but he absolutely cannot be relied to log heavy minutes (and I guess he expects more salary than that, hence the notion he perhaps should be traded). Then you get junior play mistakes from him on a consistent basis.

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