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04-09-2013, 07:14 AM
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The Varsity Reds Senior Recognition & Team Awards Night was held last night at Kingswood, compliments once again of Brian Johnston.

There were the customary parting, and touching, speeches by the graduating Seniors: some were short and sweet (Chad Denny & Matt Fillier), medium length (Bryce Swan, Ben Wright & Dion Campbell), and then the epic talk by Dan LaCosta who bared his soul about at his time at UNB before closing with his "Top 10 Moments". You had to be there. Colby Pridham and Travis Fullerton are both in the States, so their words were missed. Luke Lynes spoke last year, so didn't get to repeat (they called it the "Luke Lynes Rule" ...)

Awards wise, the presentations last night were:

Terry Shannon Memorial Unsung Hero: Matt Fillier
Pete Violette Best Defenceman: Marc-Antoine Desnoyers
Hardest Worker: Dan LaCosta
Most Improved: Split between Daine Todd & Nick MacNeil
Best Defensive Player: Ben Shutron & Ben Wright
Top Attitude: Ben Shutron
MVP for the season: Dan LaCosta
MVP for the playoffs: Dan LaCosta

Other team awards that have been previously announced, and included on the program (in case you missed them this year):

Mark Jeffrey Award: Chris Culligan
Mike Cavanagh Award: Marc-Antoine Desnoyers
Punchy Walker Award: Travis Fullerton, Ben Wright & Nick MacNeil
Don MacAdam Award: Ben Shutron
MVP Nationals: Tyler Carroll
Red & Black Award: Ben Shutron
Team Rookie of the Year: Cam Braes
Top Scorer, Season: Chris Culligan
Top Scorer, Playoffs: Cam Braes

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