Thread: Speculation: Who should the Flyers amnesty?
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04-09-2013, 08:05 AM
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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
I'm sure the Flyers will try to trade Briere before they buy him out. I don't think they'll have much leverage though. The only teams that value you him at his current cap hit are teams with internal caps. Contending teams will probably call the Flyers bluff and wait for the Flyers to buy him out so they can get him at a cheaper cap hit. It's going to be tough to trade him. Add in NTC for Briere and it's gets even harder. A buy-out is more likely this summer.

Snider's not going to give in and admit defeat on Bryz's contract this summer when he has another year to make the decision. The free agent class sucks for goalies and I don't see the Flyers overpaying for Bernier this summer when they have Mason here. The only way I can see them buying-out Bryz this summer is if a guy like Luongo gets bought-out and the Flyers can get a deal done with him. You'll more than likely see Bryz bought-out next summer. I want Bryz out of here as much as the next guy but you have to be realistic here.
I agree with pretty much all of your post. The one little ray of light in the off-season is that it may be more palatable for Brière to move his family when school is out. However, the negative factor is that Brière's value is at the end of a season, so his value arguably would be highest with most of the regular season gone. Unless I'm a team that wants to get to the cap floor without shelling out the equivalent in real money, I'm not thrilled with the skill set Brière showed this season.

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