Thread: News Article: Don't boo the rookies
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04-09-2013, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by vcv View Post
I personally get more annoyed by people behind me SCREAMING, whether its negative or positive. Having someone scream practically in my ear? Really annoying at times. But I get it. That's part of the experience of being at a pro sports game. People enjoy their experience and express themselves in different ways.
One of the last games I went to there was a ~12 year old kid right behind me screeching 'SHOOOOT!!!!' for about 60% of the game. I was seriously contemplating the logistics of throwing him off the 300 level.

I have no problem with people booing a bad shift. I don't really get the mentality that adult millionaires have to be constantly cheered and babied by fans to sustain their fragile egos.

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