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04-09-2013, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by CorpseFX View Post
weak episode last night.
it felt like a bad TV drama.
every scene was riddled with boring "OH YEAH? F-YOU" 1-up dialog. grows tired fast and grew tired in the earlier seasons.

bringing up Renly's homosexuality (not that prominent in the books) was a cheap HBO garbage tactic to get in a lame joke.

the books destroy the TV show by a mile. do yourself a favor and read them instead. this is nice but its not nearly as cool.
also, super lame they brought Theon back this early.
How else are they going to explain that Margeary is still a maiden after he marriage to Renly?

I think bringing Theon's backstory during aSoS to the forefront is a strong move. It will help develop his and other characters on screen.

Books and TV are different mediums with different strengths and weaknesses. Any adaptation from book to TV is going to require certain changes. Moreover, GRRM steers HBO away from any irreconcilable changes.

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