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04-09-2013, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by RazielMoshman View Post
What player would sign for a team who's fans boo every game at the slightest opportunity?

What message does it send to young players who make one mistake and booed off the ice for it?

What do we expect from a bunch of players who, until recently, had spend 90% of their career at junior levels?

A team that reached the Stanley Cup finals last year pinned a line full of AHL players in our own zone for a long time. What do we expect? Anyone who boos that should be ashamed of themselves.

I am not arguing the right to boo, I'm saying it's wrong to do so.
If that stretch of 5 minutes in the Devils game didn't deserve a booing, what did? It was atrocious. Even the announcers couldn't believe it.

I expect competency, not necessarily excellence. And to be honest, I don't really care about the psyche of players. Put on your big boy pants and rededicate yourself to your craft. I refuse to feel guilty or ashamed of making rich young athletes go home feeling bad about themselves when they've had a bad day.

When you perform at a historically low level for a prolonged period of time at your job, do you think your customers care about your psyche, or how hard it will be for your boss to find an adequate replacement? I go home feeling bad about myself when I have a bad day because I know I'm capable of better. They should too, its only normal. I know my clients would probably chew my GD ear off and hire someone else if I performed as poorly as they did during that stretch against the Devils.

No one is exempt from angry customers.

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