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04-09-2013, 11:39 AM
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I do beleive Bryz has the talent to be well worth what he's paid. We saw that in January and for a stretch last season. I feel his issues are exactly what CBJ fans say Masons issue is. Mental ability. Being a starting franchise goalie takes more than skill it takes mental toughness and the ability to shake adversity. I don't know masons game well enough to say one way or the other he's there or not. Bryz however seems to be a guy who, when he's feeling good he pitches 5 straight 65 save shutouts and makes Patrick Roy look like a chump. But the instant that streak ends, whether it be a fluke bounce, defensive breakdown, a seeing eye goal no one would stop, or a mistake on his part he collapses. He's as low as he was high. He doesn't move, he ducks away from pucks, he cries to the media, etc. ups and downs are basic human emotions but man is he extreme with it. If Bryz was more balanced in the head he'd be fine. The tools are there. It's disappointing and frustrating as a fan to watch players like this because we all know they are good. Cechmanek was a perfect example. Esche too. It seems a Bryz funk has him calling everyone out and not giving 100%. He's playing to play right now. The second he lets in a goal he quits. That's my problem at least.

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