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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
I see a lot of you guys blaming the whole front office as a whole for this situation and even though I love Sherman I admit he has made one or two errors for dealing with this team and the whole ROR fisco was completely ******** and unnecessary, but for the most part I like the direction he is taking this club.

I also dislike Lacroix's secret agenda and not openly talking about the rebuild and all that, but the guy built two Stanley Cup teams and knows how to win, I don't get all the hate from him.

I get a feeling a lot of you guys are going ADD and ADHD on the situation than having a bit of patience, but if I was going to blame someone I think Kroenke deserves majority of it. But he said he wanted to start a rebuild in 2009 and they do not look pretty, so you think we are looking at the climax of the rebuild? Should we just have more patience on the situation and consider that under a new coach we could be a 5th to 8th seed next year?

I didn't make this thread because I think majority of you are wrong, I just want know why you think this certain way? Because I get the feeling under a new coach majority of all these "alleged problems" we're dealing with could be easily fixed.

Do I get a pass for already hating on them last year?
Ok I try to keep it short.

My opinion on Greg Sherman:
Can't stand him. I get furious when I listen to his rare interviews.
He does not strike me as a guy who has a clue. Probably a puppet of Lacroix who is fairly good with numbers. His trades are average-above average. Has guts. But never really gets good value (with a few exceptions).
He is absolutely to blame for all the contract disputes we had. Regardless of PL he IS in charge of those negotiations.
And between keeping Sacco for so long, and the handling of Anderson, ROR, Flash, Mueller,McClement and a few others I have lost every tiny bit of faith in him.
Needs to go. But we need a capable replacement first. No to Eric Lacroix or Roy or Sakic.

Dinosaur. Root of all "evil". Time has passed him by. Does not recognize the importance of coaching and has an ego the size of an elephant. Still believes that we are the premier organisation we once were and acts accordingly. Players probably hate him more than Sherman.
Sucks in the cap world. His "hiring inside the organisation" mantra is damaging to our team for a solid decade now. Completely blows (together with Sherm) at handling the fans/media. Very frugal. The only guy who maybe could stand up to Kroenke but believes that his way is the right way. Regardless of results.

Josh/Stan Kroenke:
The only good thing about them is that it is unlikely that they will ever move the Avs. That is it. Josh the defacto owner really does not give a damn about the Avs. I got ridiculed for stating this at the time and was told that they are merely waiting for the new CBA before they open up their pockets.

Look at Arsenal. They hate the Kroenkes. And they are nowhere near as in bad shape as we are.
We will never make a deficit. So if we want to spend to the cap, we better all go out and buy some new Avs stuff. If there is a Denver based billionaire out there who has a passion for hockey, I would not hesitate a MS in approving a sale (not that I get a vote ).
If they had any kind of clue they would have fired PL and his cronies a few years ago. But they don't care.
So I have to retract my statement about PL. The root of the evil would probably be Josh Kroenke who put every last bit of power into the hands of PL.

My response is longer than anticipated but that is basically the gist of my opinion. I left out Sacco because there is not much to be said about him anymore.

EDIT: My statement about believing that we are on Islanders level organisational wise somehow got lost in there. So yeah. We have a bottom 3 organisation on the ice (standing wise) but even more off the ice.

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