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I respect what PL did to build his two cup winners, but somewhere down the road when the game started to changed, he didn't change enough IMO. His strong arm negotiation tacticts have clearly become a problem over the years as well.

The major issue why people want to see PL gone is because of his incestuous coaching hires. After Crawford, all the coaches have been one of these, and I think all of them except for probably Q came dirt cheap, including Hartley who was the 4th cheapest coach int he league in 99-00 at $375K a year according to THN. After Harltey, he really seems to want his coaches to coach his way. He's as much a shadow head coach as a shadow GM IMO. That's why they're all newbies for the most part, and that's why the team and Q eventually "parted ways."

He also either underappreciates or relies too heavily upon certain types of players.

The most important one is two way players, especially 3rd liners. They're replaceable in his eyes, and if he has to trade them it's no big deal. They should take the money he offers and shut the **** up.

Replaceable in PL's eyes- Drury, O'Reilly, Nikolishin,
Replacements - MacLean, Shantz, Arnason

Another type of player he under values is pure role players that help with team chemistry, and leadership. You know the kind of thing that's been missing the last few years with a young team. They're immenintly replceable, and they are, but the team is never better off, and not for such silly reasons like they didn't take the first low ball deal you offered.

Replaceable role players - Hendricks, Lappy, Antti Laaksonen, Darby Hendrickson, Riku Hahl, Brad Richardson
Replaced with - Travis Brigley, Jim Cummins, Jordan Krestonovich, Wyatt Smith, TJ Hensick, David Koci, Chris Durno

Then there's his over valuing of certain #3-4 type D men, instead of putting a priority on bringing in good ones.

Relied too heavily on - Brett Clark, Martin Skoula, Patrice Brisebois

You may notice a theme here. He relies on more one dimensional offensive players, than more well rounded two way players, or character defensive role players. It's the same sickness that pushes him to make sure each coach he brings in, is playing this super up tempo offensive system, with little emphasis on defensive coverage, or neutral zone play. No reason this should clash with his unwillingness to bring in or keep more two way players.

We saw his classic MO almost play out with O'Reilly during negotiations, and perhaps still will next year when he can be traded, and we know that the coach and possibly GM could be replaced int he summer, so I think people are worried it will just be more of the same. A green GM, and a coach with little to no HC experience, and a decent record at such be damned.

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