Thread: Speculation: Who should the Flyers amnesty?
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04-09-2013, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Codith View Post
I would trade Coburn and Mesz if we could land 1-2 of the following

Streit, Mark D NYI 35 $4,100,000 2013 (UFA)
Scuderi, Rob D LAK 34 $3,400,000 2013 (UFA)
White, Ian D DET 28 $2,875,000 2013 (UFA)
Mez I have no problem dealing. Trading Mez and signing one of those guys is a good plan. But of those three, only Streit is as good as Coburn, and he is 35. Not a long term solution by any means, and that is really only a lateral move (and that is only if he agrees to play here). So you get an older, potentially more expensive guy in hopes that whatever you get for Coburn some day down the road is a top 4 defenseman.

Originally Posted by HighOFFHockey View Post
While I do agree with the statement that the free agency pool is nothing special, I expect they will try and move coburn in a package for an offensive D-man. So it would be Coburn + for a player who can provide breakout passes. However, if we get Jones expect everything with this team to change.

Maybe trade Cobrun to move up in the draft. I used to be a big fan, but Coburn just really doesn't have the offensive skillset this team needs and with Schenn and Grossman here, his value to us has gone down even more.
Trading Coburn for a player that can replace him is fine. I am not sure who that target would be, but if they got someone who could fill in for Coburn (or do better, opviously) I would be ok with it.

I would not trade him to move up in the draft. That doesn't solve any of this team's problems in the present (or even near future). It creates a hole on defense that is unlikely to be filled in the near future, and potentially will have a negative impact if whomever is drafted never lives up to his potential. I suppose if it meant getting Jones I would be ok with it, but that is still a risk.

Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
The four guys I look at are Regehr, White, Streit, and Hainsey. Obviously not all 4 but one or two.
I don't think Regehr and White are as good as Coburn. Streit and Hainsey are probably pretty good comparables. The challenge would be signing them. My guess is Hainsey is the #1 UFA defenseman target and will probably get the most interest, which means his price will likely be higher than what Coburn's is. Streit will be 36 next year and while he probably has a year or two left of solid hockey in him, I am not sure I would risk that in favor of losing Coburn for a pick or two.

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