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04-09-2013, 12:24 PM
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During the Ordinary Course “Buy-Out” periods following the 2012/13 season and2013/14 season,in addition to any other Ordinary Course “Buy-Outs” a Club may elect to effectuate pursuant to Paragraph 13 of the SPC, Clubs may elect to terminate and “buy-out” the already existing SPCs of up to two(2) additional Players(in the aggregate overthetwo (2) years)on a Compliance basis (a“Compliance Buy-Out”).Such Compliance Buy-Out(s)would be effectuated on the same terms asare set forth in Paragraph 13 ofthe SPC, except that the amounts paid under such “buy-out(s)”willnot be charged against the Club’s Cap in any of the years in which the payments are made to the Player.Amounts paid under such Compliance Buy-Out(s)will, however, be counted against thePlayers’ Share during any League Year in which the “buy-out” payments are made.A Player thathas been bought out under these Compliance Buy-Out provisions shall be prohibited fromre-joiningthe Club that bought him out(via re-signing, Assignment, Waiver claim or otherwise)for the durationof the 2013/14 League Year(if the Player was bought out in 2013) andthe2014/15League Year(ifthe Player was bought out in 2014)
Not fixing the spacing issues, sorry.

Until I get my grubblies on the full, revised version... This will have to do.

No mention of a floor.

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