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04-09-2013, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Sniped View Post
People who say they've seen flashes of the "real" Bryz in March of last year, is BS.

The defense was playing outstanding, keeping pretty much EVERYTHING to the outside, a buncha of easy saves. They also blocked a ton of shots during the span if I remeber correctly. Although Bryz played well, he was in no way was "standing on his head" the whole team was playing solid hockey, defensively. A guess that kinda proves Bryz being a "system goalie"

If it was the "real" Bryz we should have seen it more than a 1/10 months he's been here.
I agree the team was firing on all cylinders, but why should team play and goalie play always be independent of each other? I agree Bryz thrives more in a defensively oriented system, but it's weird that I see him get knocked when he plays well and the defense plays well.

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