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Originally Posted by hek View Post
Lacroix has hired the last two coaches and GMs and all have been massive failures. He needs to go.

Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
It's so hard to evaluate because we as fans have access to so little information. We just see the tire marks on the road.

I think fans generally are way too happy to assign blame. Blame players for every goal allowed, blame coaches for every poor game, blame Sherman/Lacroix for every thing that's wrong with the team.

None of us here knows what Lacroix does or how he is. No one here knows what Sacco does or how he is. No one here knows what Sherman does or how he is.

There seems to be dysfunction on several levels in this organization and obviously changes have to be made. The results speak for themselves.
All of my opinions are based from the outside looking in, and yet IMO that is the 2nd biggest problem with this organization. There is ZERO transparency.

KSE do not seem to have the passion for Hockey that any fan would hope for, but I do not believe that they are indifferent to the Avs' success. They just do not seem as "hands on" as I would like to see.

Lacroix won without a salary cap, and was able to "load up" when the time was right. Its a different monster now IMO.
He is also like a part time CEO who just checks in every once in a while. That is no way to keep an accurate feel for his team, especially a young team. I am not saying he cannot still build a winner as the league is now, but I have my doubts.

Sherman, while not a "Hockey guy" has been fairly shrewd and also bold in his dealings, at times at the cost of alienating players, but overall, I think working under directives from above he has successfully built a solid core of talent for the Avs to have success in the future.

Sacco served his purpose, and was probably given a year too long to guide this team. With the uncertainty created by the lockout, I think he was extended merely for the stability factor. The chaos of a shortened season created a league where almost team had at least a slight hope of sneaking into the playoffs. By the time the Avs were clearly out of contention, the changing of a coach seemed too little too late.This condensed season also limited the time teams had to actually practice on ice, as opposed to trying to correct things in games and by film study. Sacco was not equipped to deal with this, and the team did not have enough talent and chemistry yet to overcome struggles in season (Chicago and Pittsburgh's streaks reflect this chemistry and talent advantage IMO). Sacco has lost the team and needs to be let go.

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