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04-09-2013, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Dirk316 View Post
somebody's looking for attention? In the playoffs or against big teams Dvorak will be a liabilityy compared to Maroon or even Staubitz
3 goals in last 5 games. Depth scoring. Liability. You make it very hard to take you seriously. You keep saying we need more toughness in our lineup. We haven't done so. Not the toughness you want. If it was such a big x-factor, wouldn't more teams exploit our softness and have that result in more losses? Cause the way I see it, this soft team is on its way to entering the playoffs as the second seed and Pacific division winners for the second time in franchise history.

This isn't 2007 anymore. Your interpretation of the game isn't completely wrong, but the way you act like it's the only way to win, your opinions are outdated.

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