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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
I think the article is kind of default from the get go.

What is interesting is never what someone was "seeking", its what someone would have accepted.

There can of course differs a ton between a) Pittsburgh got a tentative deal for your rights, they will offer you 36m over 8 years, sign now or the trade falls, b) hey Clowe, we intend to trade you, it would be nice to be able to tell 30 teams in the league what it would take to get you off the market. Agent: 18 years 17 billion.

Like what do I know about what Clowe would sign for, but I do know that all kind of factors definitely plays a part in this that makes any number reported more or less irrelevant. If Clowe was asked what it would take to get him signed in a sign & trade or trade & sign, and he definitely didn't want to leave SJ because that is his home and what not, of course he would ask for alot. You know.

Originally Posted by Marlo Stanfield View Post

On topic - I could see Clowe getting 5 years (maybe some team gets desperate and offers him a 6th year). Anything more than a 5 mil AAV would be rough (even 5 mil is a bit on the higher side)
I think 5m/per is open market I will sign with anyone, Calgary included, value to be honest. Any team wanting to contend best not pay 5m of a 60m cap to Clowe. 4-4.5m from someone who really likes him, but still got a shot to contend. Just my humble opinon. Fair value around 3m per to be honest.

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